We started the review of the Top 12 best summer banknotes with several notes that had elements of sea life or colors that remind me of summer.  But they did not represent a complete summer design.  Here is the rest of the list, the top 6 (in my opinion).  I would love to hear your ideas in the comments.

6. 2018 Solomon Islands 40th Anniversary Commemorative $40 P-NEW

This is a well-designed banknote and shows a nice underwater scene.  It would have scored better if there was a bit more color.  The blue is nice, but summer needs more colors. 

Solomon Islands 40 Dollars | P-NEW | 2018
Source: Banknote World

5. 2014 Cayman Islands $50 P-42b

This summer banknote makes me feel like I am in Atlantis looking out at the underwater sea life.  The sting ray appears to be floating, and the use of geometric elements in the background give the impression of water movement.  I love the Queen Elizabeth II portrait here.  She is smiling.  But she also seems out of place in this underwater scene.

Cayman Islands 50 Dollars | P-NEW | 2014
Source: Banknote World Educational

4. 2015 Maldives Islands 1000 Rufiyaa P-32

The blue is beautiful. The sea turtle seems to jump off the polymer background. Even the window is well conceived.  This would have been higher but the shark on the reverse seems a bit lonely.

Maldives Islands 1,000 Rufiyaa | P-32 | 2015
Source: Banknote World Educational

3. 2018 French Pacific Territories 1000 Francs P-6

I really like the colors and the overall integration of sea life into this banknote. This note would have scored higher but the birds take away from the overall summer theme.

French Pacific 1,000 Francs | P-6 | 2014
Source: Banknote World Educational

2. Cook Islands 1992 $3 P-6

There is a lady riding a shark and it is from the south pacific. This is a tough combo to beat. Based on the folktale of Ina and the Shark, this banknote is an almost perfect reflection of summer.

Cook Islands 3 Dollars | 1992 | P-6
Source: Banknote World

1. The best ‘Summer Sea Life Banknote” –  P-47 2013 Seychelles 100 Rupee

This summer banknote has beautiful, calm colors, a number of sea creatures and of course, turtles.

Seychelles 100 Rupees | 2001 | P-40a
Source; Banknote World

The Seychelle 100 Rupee represents to me the best example of a banknote that gives the feel of summer and highlights sea life and life around water.  But there are other categories to consider.  Next up are banknotes that show summer sports like boating and fishing.

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