Transnistria or the Pridnestrovian Moldovian Republic is an unrecognized breakaway state that is internationally known as part of Moldova. This narrow piece of land separates the Dniester river from the Moldovan-Ukrainian border, creating a natural partition with the de facto border with Moldova. Transnistria has its own government, military, postal system, police, and vehicle registration as well as a coat of arms, constitution, flag, and national anthem.  

Map of Transnistria | Source: World Map

The Transnistrian Ruble 

As an independent republic, Transnistria also has its own currency, the Transnistrian ruble which is divides into 100 kopecks. Following its establishment in 1990, Transnistria initially used Soviet banknotes for its currency. However, when other former members of the Soviet started using their own monetary units, Soviet rubles surged across the republic. To protect its economy, Transnistria issued provisional banknotes. These notes were Soviet and Russian paper bills printed by Goznak and dated 1961-1992, stamped with the portrait of Tiraspol founder General Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov.  

Transnistria 500 Rublei | 1992 | P-11 | Source: Banknote World Educational

The emergency banknotes were replaced by coupon rubles on August 22, 1994. These coupons have a unified design on their reverse featuring the Parliament building. Their obverse, on the other hand, either depicts a portrait of Alexander Suvorov just like the 5 coupon rubles, or Alexander Suvorov’s equestrian statue that stands in Tiraspol.  

Transnistria 5 Rublei | 1994 | P-17 | Source: Banknote World

The third ruble was first introduced at the start of 2001, replacing the coupon rubles. The first set of notes depicts portraits of noble figures Alexander Suvorov, poet Taras Shevchenko, Prince Dmitry Kantemir, Count Petr Rumiantsev-Zadunaiskiy. In addition Empress Catherine the Second.  

Commemorative Transnistria Banknotes 

Transnistria also released several commemorative banknotes. On August 27, 2015, it introduced 1, 5, 10, and 25-ruble notes. They mark the 25th anniversary of the Pridnestrovskaya Moldavskaya Respublica. The obverse of these paper bills features Alexander Suvorov’s portrait and the 25th-anniversary logo represented by a hammer and a sickle on a star. Their reverse displays the Kitskansky Bridgehead memorial complex, the KVINT Distillery administrative building, and the Novo-Nyametsky monastery, respectively. 

Transnistria 10 Rubles 2015 | P-53 | Source: Banknote World Edu

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