chiremba balancing rocks and victoria falls

Zimbabwe banknotes are known around the world for having the largest denominations in recent memory- millions, billions and trillions. The Zimbabwe dollar are also known for having its famous Standing Rocks on the obverse. The Chiremba Balancing Rocks in Epworth just outside Harare have been part of the Reserve Bank’s emblem from its beginning in 1980. It is considered a metaphor for the country’s efforts to balance its history and past culture while advancing development.

Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars
Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars, Source: Banknote World
Zimbabwe 10 Billion Dollars, Source: Banknote World
Zimbabwe 1 Million Dollars, Source: Banknote World

Much of Zimbabwe is mountainous and has impressive geological formations including the Chiremba balancing rocks. These rocks might look like they were placed by humans, much like the Standing Stones of Scotland, but in fact they are caused by the volcanic origin of the landscape and eons of erosion. The Standing Rocks are made of hard materials like granite and iron ore, which were pushed upward through softer rocks. Over time, the softer rocks were eroded revealing these hard rock formations. Visitors to Zimbabwe often travel throughout the country looking for these types of rock formations. Many times they will bring their 2008 demonetized Zimbabwe paper money to Epworth and take pictures of their currency with the real Chiremba Balancing Rocks in the background. It is an interesting image to consider.

Chiremba Balancing Rocks, Source:

Uncirculated 2008 Trillion Series Zimbabwe banknotes are harder to find, which has led to counterfeiting of these collector currencies and an entire underground industry producing novelty versions with hundreds and thousands of zeros. As hyperinflation forced higher denominations and more production, the paper quality diminished and there were fewer security features used. To many collectors, it can be hard to differentiate these notes from the fakes.

Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars PMG Grade 67, Source: Banknote World
Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars TAP Authenticated
Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars TAP Authenticated, Source: Banknote World

PMG graded and TAP authenticated versions exist and are the best way to be sure you are collecting these interesting and beautiful banknotes that prominently display the Chiremba Balancing Rocks.

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