The Greek electronic composer, musician, producer, and songwriter Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou, who was professionally known as  “Vangelis”, was born in Thessaly, Greece on March 29, 1943. Described by his son as a great lover of music, Vangelis’ interest in music developed at the age of four. Yearning to come up with techniques on his own, he quit music lessons as he believe that it would block his creativity.  

Image of Vangelis in the Studio | Source: The Guardian

The Vangelis Technique 

With over 50 years of career in music using a wide array of electronic equipment, Vangelis had composed and performed more than 50 albums. He was one of the most prominent electronic and modern film musicians. Some describe his musical style as a fusion of classical, electronica, and experimental.  

Chariots of Fire Film Promo | Source: Wikipedia

One of his musical score compositions, the Chariots of Fire for the movie of the same title, also won the Academy Award for Best Original Score. Vangelis also produced the musical score for the movie Blade Runner and the official theme song of the 2002 FIFA World Cup.  

2002 FIFA Anthem by Vangelis | Source: Amazon

This Canada 1 Dollar Coin from 2012 commemorates the 2012 Summer Olympics. They took place in London where the “Chariots of Fire” was played in the opening ceremony. It was played by the London Symphony Orchestra with Rowan Atkinson disguised as Mr. Bean as a tribute to the British film industry. As the musical performance went on, Mr. Bean lapsed into a dream running along West Sands Beach with the athletes from the movie Chariot of Fire. 

Canada 1 Dollar Coin, 2012, Queen Elizabeth II, Olympic Logo | Source: Banknote World

The Canada 1 Dollar brass-plated steel coin also carries the name of the “Lucky Loonie” coin. It features Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse in addition to the legend ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA. On the flip side are the Olympic logo and also a loon surfacing from the water. In addition to a new feature which is a maple leaf above its beak.   

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