May 8th 1945 marked the end of World War II in Europe and Queen Elizabeth II broadcast a speech this May 8th which will be followed by the singing of “We’ll Meet Again”, a famous song from the time.  This song was uplifting and pointing toward a better day.  The first stanza includes:

But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day
Keep smiling through
Just like you always do
‘Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away

May 8th, 2020 may be significantly affected by the COVID-19, but we need to “keep smiling through… til the blue skies drive the dark clouds away.”  This song reminded me of many circulating Queen Elizabeth II banknotes that show her with a warm, friendly and supportive smile. 

One of my favourite current banknotes is the Guernsey 20 Pound.  The Queen is shown in pink with a beautiful floral design with sailing boats on placid water.

Guernsey 20 Pound Obverse
Guernsey 20 Pound Obverse, Source: Banknote World
Guernsey 20 Pound Reverse
Guernsey 20 Pound Reverse, Source: Banknote World

This banknote is popular among collectors, some of which have had them graded by PMG or authenticated by Banknote World with their TAP program.

Another favorite is the 2010 States of Jersey series.

Complete 2010 Jersey Series
Complete 2010 Jersey Series, Source: Banknote World

The Queen’s portrait from this series is from a 1999 Official photograph.  This portrait has also been used on the 2007 – 2012 Fiji Series. What I like about these banknote series is that you can see the older Queen with gentle wrinkles appropriate for her age, it did not look photoshopped.  She looked like a friendly grandmother, which many people see her as.  The color choices, vignettes and designs in the banknotes are well integrated. To find out more about the Jersey series of banknotes, click here!

During the lockdown and stress associate with the COVID-19 in 2020, we can look back 75 years ago to a harder time, and to Queen Elizabeth II who has lived through and led through the intervening 75 years.  And if you need to smile, look at many of the recent Guernsey, Fiji and Bahamas banknotes. It will make you smile and look forward until we meet again.

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