Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) is a paper money grading company. For many years, the company has been offering high-quality paper money grading services by analyzing currencies from all parts of the world. Since its establishment in 2005, PMG has been providing service in the world of collectible currency notes. The American Numismatic Association (ANA), Professional Numismatics Guild (PNG) and Banknote World TAP Grading are other banknote and grading companies.

Hong Kong 20 Dollars | 2012 P-212b | PMG 68
Source: Banknote World

As a paper money grading service, they have become a collectors’ company of choice for grading and have certified over a million banknotes. The reason they excel at what they do is due to the vast professional experience of their employees, as well as having their employees remain impartial to clients’ needs by restricting employees from buying and selling paper money. With dedicated employees and the best tools, including the best numismatic scale, their service and analysis are if the highest caliber.

PMG uses a scale of 1 to 70, invented by Dr. William Sheldon in 1948, to grade paper money from the US and around the world. Their paper money guarantee is assured to be fair and diligent. If a note has been rated as “Net,” which implies a possible tear, mark, or repair, a detailed explanation will be provided. “Net” notes are still given the PMG Guarantee.Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s.

PMG not only grades notes, but it also has room for re-grading. If a user feels that their banknote material was improperly graded, the company gives them an opportunity to submit their note again for analysis, free of charge.

Why is PMG important?

As a third party grading service for banknotes, the importance of PMG cannot be understated. They have been in the market for many years, and continue to offer excellent services to their customers, thus attracting unique customers such as ANA and PNG, to name a few. Because of such a good reputation, customers feel and know that they will get value for their money.

Another reason why the PMG money grading service is important is because many rare note collectors hold banknotes that they think are very valuable but are not sure if that’s the case. However, with PMG, they can know soon enough. Once a customer discovers how special or rare the note they possess is, it is up to them to them to decide whether to sell it or keep the currency as part of their collection.
Banknote collector companies like Banknote World who sell banknotes from all parts of the world, work in close collaboration with PMG to ensure that they never offer their customers counterfeited notes.

New Zealand 10 Dollars | 2015 | P-192a | PMG 69
Source: Banknote World

Why should banknotes be graded?

Determine their value: Banknotes should be graded for the simple reason that the value can be easily determined, thus making it easier and more convenient for the buyers and sellers of such notes to evaluate and price a note accurately.

Know whether the note has been treated: Notes can be treated in various ways to make them retain their authentic quality. However, treating of any kind, such as washing or pressing, will diminish the value of the bank note.

Know whether the note is original: In the world of banknote collection, there is always the fear of the big C – counterfeiting. By using the approved rating scale, a company like PMG can not only determine the value of the banknotes in a collection but are also doing their part to keep counterfeited notes out of the market.

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