Green Metaverse Token (GMT) is the native digital currency of STEPN, the lifestyle app of Web3. This STEPN governance token allows its participants to vote for projects and for buying merchandise. With a GMT, a player can also unlock STEPN features and upgrade to high-quality gems.  

Green Metaverse Token (GMT) is the native digital currency of STEPN | Source: See Credits (1)

GMT has a maximum supply of 6 billion units with only over 10% coins, that is, 670 million coins are currently in circulation. About 30% of the total tokens are allocated to users and another 30% will be for the ecosystem fund that is utilized for community development projects and giveaways.  

Green Metaverse GMT Token Price | Source:

The STEPN Blockchain – Home Of The Green Metaverse Token

The STEPN network is a move-to-earn app built around people’s day-to-day activities. A combination of game-fi and social-fi elements, STEPN is geared toward a healthier lifestyle and also the fight against climate change. STEPN is the first move-to-earn technology allowing its users to earn by walking, jogging, or even running outdoors. Powered by Solana, this health and fitness application requires its users to have NFT Sneakers to move around to earn tokens and also NFT rewards.  

What Is STEPN? | Source: See credits (1)

There are two token systems in the STEPN blockchain network: the Green Metaverse Token which is a governance token and the Green Satoshi Token (GST) which is a game token that is earned in the game by completing tasks. The game’s mechanic is centered on purchasing different NFT Sneakers.  

Comparison of GMT vs GST Tokens | Source: See credits (1)

NFT Sneakers Rental System 

STEPN users can buy NFT Sneakers in the Marketplace. The network also plans a rental feature where shoeless participants can easily rent other players’ sneakers. The rental has no cost and share the income from running.  

In App Marketplace Diagram | Source: See credits (1)

Introduction of the rental system will make the onboarding process easier. Currently, a new user enters into the game-like app by creating an Exchange Account. Next, by turning fiat into a digital currency and also navigating the platform with a decentralized wallet. With the rental system, a user can easily download the game app and also rent a Sneaker to start exploring the game. 


Source (1): Works used belong exclusively to STEPN

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