students posing with project
Group of students from Bellview Elementary posing with their project
Source: Bellview Elementary teacher,
Students with final project

As we come into the new year, we want to lead the way as banknote educators in our industry.

Banknote World team

Why Bellview Elementary?

This past year, we had the pleasure of working with Bellview Elementary located in the city Rogers, Arkansas. A teacher was able to reach out wanted to teach her students and we were able to create an awesome partnership with the school. With the help of their amazing faculty we were able to sponsor a 3rd, 4th and 5th grade exploration project. The 3rd graders focused on community, the 4th graders focused on exploration and the 5th graders focused on structures. They are all part of the “Gifted and Talented program” and work together on a unit project. Each week their teachers will come up with a different foreign country for them to look into! The kids didn’t know the country (Giza, Egypt) at first hand and were only allowed one clue to the country; a banknote. From there they were able to research all they needed on the given location.

Banknote that was Used: Egypt 50 Piasters banknote from 1996

Source: Banknote World, Shop, Egypt 50 Piastres, 1996

The country chosen was Egypt (specifically Giza) and the banknote we chose was the Egypt 50 Piasters banknote from 1996. On the obverse (front), this banknote has a picture of Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo. On the reverse (back), a carving of Ramesses II in battle, stylized papyrus flowers, granite statue of Ramesses II holding crook (heka) from Museo Egizio in Turin, Italy; prow of reed boat and lastly the name of Ramesses II in cartouche. This particular banknote is one of the more detailed banknotes that highlights symbolic features of Egypt. This made an awesome educational tool for the students of Bellview Elementary. It was awesome to see the children learn through the lenses of a banknote and instantly be taken back through history.

One of the teachers stated, “We are putting the finishing touches up on the bulletin board. The kids are LOVING the experience and students in the hallways have been so excited to see the banknotes. Several of my students have said they heard kids saying, “Look at this! It’s REAL money, they were so excited!”

Bellview Elementary School, Faculty teacher
Source: Bellview Elementary teacher,
 The students looking up information

We’re extremely grateful we got to be apart of this awesome school project while introducing banknotes to students! Thank you to the amazing Bellview Elementary staff and to the wonderful students, we’re thankful you reached out. It was awesome being apart of this project and look forward to assisting where can in the near future!

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