On April 7th, the world observes World Health Day, a global health awareness event sponsored by the World Health Organization. Since its inception in 1948, the day has been dedicated to emphasizing the significance of global health and drawing attention to its importance.  

Surgical Team In Operating Room | Source: AS

Banknotes for World Health Day

These banknotes feature medical professionals, health sectors, and related elements, to highlight the importance of healthcare access and resources. 

Brazil 50 Cruzados | 1980-1986 ND | Source: Banknote World

On the obverse of the Brazil 50 Cruzados issued between 1980 and 1986 are a microscope also, a portrait of Brazilian physician Oswaldo Goncalves Cruz. As soon as he found that the seaport of Santos was infected by bubonic plague that threatened to reach Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Cruz immediately formulated a serum against the disease. His initiative marked the beginning of Brazilian science and public health. 

The Palace of Manguinhos in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Source: Wikipedia

The note’s reverse features the Neo-Mauresque Palace of Manguinhos building at the Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, the institution founded by Oswaldo Cruz. The banknote’s solid security thread is contains reading BANCO CENTRAL DO BRASIL and also its watermark reveals Oswaldo Cruz. 

Kenya 200 Shillings | 2019 | Source: Banknote World

More Banknotes

The reverse of the 2019 version of the 200-Kenyan shilling banknote illustrates a doctor examining a baby representing the country’s health sector. The note’s reverse also shows the education and sports sectors. The obverse highlights the Kenyatta International Convention Center in Nairobi.  

Malawi 100 Kwacha | 2014 | Source: Banknote World

The Malawi 100 Kwacha Banknote issued in 2019 showcases the College of Medicine in Blantyre and also a stethoscope as a symbol of high-quality medical education for delivering vital healthcare services. The obverse of the note portrays Nyasaland African Congress founding member James Frederick Sangala. Also on the front side of the note is the Reserve Bank of Malawi headquarters building in Lilongwe.  

Australia 20 Dollars | 2008 | Source: Banknote World

Australia’s 20-dollar banknote from 2014 depicts the air ambulance Victory biplane and a Where does it hurt?” medical diagram on its reverse design. In addition it also shows a portrait of Reverend John Flynn, who invented the Royal Flying Doctor Service. It’s the world’s first air ambulance. The obverse of the note shows businesswoman Mary Reibey and also the Reibey’s shop building. 

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