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This weeks country of choice for World Money Monday is the beautiful country of Fiji. Fiji is covered in with forest, mineral, and fish resources, and happens to be one of the most developed of the Pacific island economies though still with a large subsistence sector. Sugar exports, remittances from Fijians working abroad, and a growing tourist industry, they are not a force to be reckoned with. In celebration of the end of the decade, today we’re going to also take a look at the 2,000 Dollars Fiji’s Banknote from 2000! 

Source: Vacation Advice Blog, A beautiful sunset seen on the Fiji Islands.

Country Background Information

For World Money Monday, we chose Fiji for their interesting background, intriguing wildlife and rich traditions. The majority of Fiji’s islands formed through volcanic activity starting around 150 million years ago. Its neighbors include New Zealand, Vanuatu, New Caledonia. Fiji life is based off the concept or family and tradition and being at one with nature and the environment around them. Aboriginals that live on the island live a simple life filled with social gatherings, hunting, and religious ceremonies. Villages are made of tribes and clans and one chief. When a chief dies then a male takes his place, this doesn’t necessarily have to be his some. This foundation dates back hundred of years and traditions are still held close today.

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“Fijian culture is a blend of Melanesian and Polynesian backgrounds, although Fiji is also influenced by other vibrant cultures, including Chinese, Indian, European and other South Pacific cultures, particularly Rotuman and Tongan. Indigenous Fijian culture is made up of a great variety of traditional language, art, music, food, clothing and folklore. This culture also gives high importance to the family unit”. 2017

Fiji New Years 2,000 Dollars Banknote from 2000

Fiji’s banknotes are some of the most detailed, colorful and quite frankly exquisite banknotes that have been made. From the 1998 series with detailed images of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, to the 2013 series that features beautiful images bursting with color of the countries most notable animals. These banknotes, never really disappoint.

Source: Banknote World, Educational, 2000 Dollars Fiji banknote from 2000

We’re going to look into the “millennium” 2,000 dollars Fiji banknote from 2000. This Banknote is green, blue, orange, brown, and red. On the obverse there’s a Kulawai (red-throated lorikeet) bird perched on a branch, a Y2K overprint and a picture of  H.E. Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. On the reverse there’s a picture of the earth with sun rising, map of Fiji islands and 180° meridian and lastly, sea shells and coral. This banknote was part of a special series of just 2, bringing the new decade of the 2000’s!

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