Market Loss Agreement

When you “the customer” purchase(s) from BNWORLD, INC. “the seller” and select “Check” or “Wire” payment option, a binding contract is created with the locked-in price and any market risk is received by the customer. The price will be locked in for a period seven days to allow time for payment arrival and processing. If payment is defaulted for any reason by fault of the customer, we may (at our discretion) cancel your order(s). At that time, the customer agrees to the full responsibility and liability to BNWORLD, INC. for any market loss incurred plus a $30 cancellation fee. The defaulting customer must also pay all fees and costs associated with collecting said fees. Any market gain on sales cancellations is vested and are the property of BNWORLD, INC. with no responsibility to the customer for market gains. BNWORLD, INC. reserves the right to cancel any order at any time and for any reason, with any future sale order being withheld for any outstanding unpaid market losses or cancellation fees.