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PCGS Coin Grading and Certification

by Abdullah Beydoun


PCGS is one of the leading service providers for coin collectors and dealers around the world. The company was formed as an offshoot of Collectors Universe, Inc., a large business that was founded in California in 1986, and which provides third-party authentication and grading services for everything from baseball and hockey cards to stamps, coins, and other collectible items.

We’re excited to highlight the exceptional services offered by PCGS in this article. You’ll learn about how you can have items in your collection authenticated, verifying their value and place in your collection, or preparing them for sale. You’ll also gain some insight into how exactly PCGS grades and authenticates your coins, and what services are offered.

PCGS Coin Grading – The Best in the Business?

Coin grading is one of the main services offered by PCGS since its inception in 1986. Grading is a method used to assess the physical condition of a coin so that traders can easily communicate and agree on the actual condition of the item prior to purchasing.

Grades typically range from “poor”, meaning that the coin is almost completely worn out, to “Perfect Uncirculated”, indicating that the coin has no wear or flaws whatsoever.

PCGS uses the most up-to-date standard for coin grading, the Sheldon scale, which was created by Dr. William Sheldon in 1948 and used to assess the condition of coins on a scale from 1 to 70. The scale is calibrated so that a coin rated “70” is worth 70 times as much as a coin rated “1”. On this basis, we can see that coins may fall in value quickly, depending on how much wear they experience through circulation.

Uncirculated coins are called “mint state” or “uncirculated” by authenticators, and those that were circulated for a short time but look nearly brand new are called “About Uncirculated”. Other grades include Extremely Fine, Very Fine, Fine, Very Good, Good, About Good, Fair and Poor. Uncirculated coins may also be graded differently, depending on how they were stored or handled, and what markings might be present on their surface.

PCGS Holders Offer Unparalleled Security

PCGS offers coin holders that readily illustrate the authenticity of your prized collector coins to admirers of your collection as well as prospective buyers. Holder’s are semi-permanent; each one consists of a plastic case that is welded close with your coin secured inside, along with a little slip of paper with a PCGS logo and certificate of authenticity.

PCGS holders are durable and difficult to chip – they can stand up to a lot of punishment, and will protect your coin from any drop (it may not break, but you don’t want to put scratches on a mint state coin that you’re just about to sell). The seal also reveals any tampering, preventing unscrupulous traders from switching out their newly evaluated coin for a lesser item and trying to pass it off as the real thing.

PCGS Coin Restoring Service Enhances Your Collection Value

If you have some beloved coins that are dirty, there’s no need to painstaking clean them yourself, especially when you consider the risk of dropping them down the sink. PCGS will evaluate your coins to assess whether they can be restored, and those that pass the assessment will be restored to the best condition possible and assigned a grading based on the Sheldon scale.

Finally, coins will be placed in holders at your request and returned to you in a sealed holder, complete with the PCGS Guarantee of Grade and Authenticity.

PCGS Coin Security Creates Long-Term Protection

Collectors who are worried about their collection being lost or stolen can opt for an added layer of protection through the PCGS coin security service. PCGS will scan coins in your collection using a laser, creating an exact fingerprint of each coin that’s totally unique.

If your coin is ever lost or stolen and resubmitted to PCGS, it will immediately be identified as your collector’s item and returned to you. The service includes a complete coin analysis and registration, enhanced security label with PCGS gold shield icon and hologram, advanced digital imagery of your coin and the PCGS Guarantee of Grade and Authenticity.

This package provides the ultimate means of safeguarding the most prized parts of your collection against theft and other unforeseen disasters.


PCGS is one of the key innovators in the coin collecting business, providing exceptional services to numismatics and other collectors since 1986. When it comes to authenticating, grading, and protecting your most valuable collector coins, look no further than PCGS for the best products and most reliable services in the industry.


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