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Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars Banknotes, AA /2008, P-91, UNC,100 Trillion Series

Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars Banknotes, AA /2008, P-91, UNC,100 Trillion Series

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Zimbabwe Note- 100 Trillion Dollar


A hot Collectible in the note business

Notes have always been a hot commodity among banknote collectors and novelty buyers. And there's no better purchase than that of a 100 trillion dollar Zimbabwe note, the highest denomination note ever produced for legal tender. This dollar symbolized Zimbabwe’s financial tyranny during the hyperinflation in 2006 when hyperinflation made the Zimbabwe’s currency the lowest valued currency on the planet. The currency was redenominated three times, resulting in the 100 trillion dollar note in the “fourth dollar.”

There was a time when it wouldn’t even buy a bus fare home or a candy bar, but its value has increased since the Zimbabwe's government abandoned the currency. Since the note was in circulation for only a few months and only a few million were ever made, the demand for this rare 100 trillion-dollar note is increasing every day, especially for serious banknote collectors.

It is a great collectible to go with your special lot of bills, and you can gift it to someone special or keep it for yourself and show it off to others.

The note is clean and crisp. The hyperinflated note is printed on the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’ 2008 mint. The bill bears no splits, creases, or pinholes and is uncirculated.

The purchase of this 100 trillion dollar notes will provide you with a rare experience. Very few people have had the opportunity to see this banknote due to the limited quantity originally printed. Dealers and collectors are buying as much as they can while the notes are in circulation. It’s a rare collectible that is fading in quantity every day, but its value is growing. If you've been wanting a unique artifact to add to your collection, now is the best time to get it! ies

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    Central Bank of Zimbabwe
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