Terms & Conditions for Swap Program


I understand the Zimbabwe banknote swap order with BNWorld, Inc. is not on a speculation basis and I am swapping for collectable banknotes only.

I understand that swapping banknotes with BNWorld, Inc. for any reason other than collecting is highly speculative and is not endorsed or recommended by BNWorld, Inc.

I understand BNWorld, Inc. does not guarantee any future price or value regarding any banknote swapped on this website.

I understand the that I am solely responsible for the swap of any banknote on this website.

I understand all Zimbabwe banknotes swapped with BNWorld, Inc. currently have no currency value and are considered collectible currency only.


The minimum amount to initiate a swap order is $500. The swap value of your banknotes must equal the value of Zimbabwe Banknotes (Current Selling Price) for all swap orders. No exceptions will be made.


Upon receiving your banknotes, our highly-trained staff will authenticate your banknotes. This detailed process involves verifying serial numbers and testing security features. The authentication process may take 1-3 Business Days; however, most orders will be authenticated within one business day. Customers will receive a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for their Zimbabwe Banknotes.


FEES - All swap orders to and from BNWorld, Inc. will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight and all shipping charges will be paid for by BNWorld, Inc. All packages and sent to and from BNWorld, Inc. will be insured for the full swap value.  NOTE: BNWorld, Inc. is not responsible for return shipping on cancelled or returned orders.

TRACKING - Tracking numbers for all packages will be provided by BNWorld, Inc. via email. Indirect signature will be required on all FedEx Priority Overnight shipments.

SHIPPING LABELS - A printable PDF FedEx Shipping Label will be sent to the customer and will also be available to download through their account online.

*If you send a package with a label different from the one we provide, we cannot be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged packages. 


Return requests and cancellations must be made within 7 business days of original swap order date. BNWorld, Inc. must receive returned banknotes within 14 days of request or the shipment will not be accepted. If a return is processed, a 10% restocking fee will apply. 


To protect BNWorld, Inc. and our customers from illegal/fraudulent/stolen currency, a valid photo id will be requested for ALL swap orders. In addition, customers may also be required to provide the source of their banknotes at the discretion of BNWorld, Inc.