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Trinidad & Tobago 1 - 50 Cents 5 Pieces (PCS) Coin Set, 2012, KM # 29-33, Mint
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Trinidad & Tobago 1 - 50 Cents 5 Pieces (PCS) Coin Set, 2012, KM # 29-33, Mint

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Trinidad & Tobago 1 to 50 Cents, 2012, KM#29-33, Mint, 5 Pieces (PCS) Coin Set

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The Trinidad and Tobago dollar was established in 1964 with coins soon following in 1966. This coin set contains 1,5,10, 25 and 50 cents with 1 dollar.

The obverse of coins in this set feature the Trinidad and Tobago coat of arms. On the center is a shield with two hummingbirds and below it is the three ships Christopher Columbus used on his voyage, La Niña, La Pinta and Santa Maria. To the left is the Scarlet Ibis and sitting below it are the Trinity Hills of Trinidad. On the right is a Corico bird with islands below it represents Tobago. Finally, the country’s motto “TOGETHER WE ASPIRE, TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE” are printed on the bottom of each coin.

The reverse of each coin is unique to the denomination it corresponds to and an image depicts part of the country’s heritage.  On the 1 cent is a hummingbird sucking nectar from a flower and the 5 features a Bird of Paradise with the coins denomination, both cast in bronze. The 10 and 25 cents coins both feature flowers with the 10 having a hibiscus flower and the 25 having a Chaconia flower, the national flower of Trinidad and Tobago. The 50 contains 5 kettle drums and hands playing one drum. Lastly, the one-dollar coin has the words “FOOD FOR ALL” engraved to bring awareness to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation’s cause to end world hunger.