Zero (0) Euro Europe, 2017 - 1 (1st Print), UNC, DDR Museum - Berlin in Germany
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Zero (0) Euro Europe,2017 -1, UNC, DDR Museum - Berlin Wall in Germany Karl Marx

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This 2017  1st  print,  uncirculated banknote honors the DDR Museum of Germany. It features Karl Marx, the Berlin Wall, the East German Coat of Arms, the Urania World Clock and the Television Tower of Berlin.

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The DDR Museum is in Berlin, Germany and it means Deutsche Demokratische Republik (German Democratic Republic). It is privately funded and depicts life in former East Germany. On the far left is the Berlin Wall surrounded by people. To the right Karl Marx is featured on the banknote with a face portrait. On top of the Berlin Wall is the DDR’s Coat of Arms that depicts a hammer and compass surrounded by a rye. Urania-Weltzeituhr (the Urania World Clock) is shown under Karl Marx. Lastly, to the right is Fernsehturm or the Television Tower of Berlin. All these images represent DDR and the socialist regime from 1949 to 1990 during the Cold War.