Zero - 0 Euro Europe, 2017 - 3 - 3rd Print, UNC, Koln Am Rhein in Germany

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This is a 2017 Limited Edition Zero Euro 3rd Print uncirculated banknote. It features 6 famous landmarks from Köln Am Rhein in Germany: The Cologne Cable Cars, Melaten Cemetery Angel Statue, HA Schult’s golden winged car, the Cologne Cathedral, the first German Emperor Wilhelm I statue and Hohenzollern Bridge.

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This Limited Edition 2017 Zero Euro banknote from Germany is of Köln Am Rhein translated as Cologne at the Rhein River. Cologne is the largest and most popular city along the river and is honored in this banknote. The banknote features the Cologne Cable Car gondola and it crosses the Rhine River in front of the Cologne Cathedral. Hovering above is HA Schult’s golden winged car that now sits on top of Cologne’s Museum.  On the left is an angel statue taken from the Melaten Cemetery. Melaten used to be a Hospice for lepers in the mid 1200’s until later turning into an execution ground for criminals and accused witches in the 15th and 17th centuries. To the right of the statue sits the Dropped Cone Statue built on top of the Neumarkt Galerie. Lasltly, on the bottom right is one of four statues from the four corners of the Hohenzollern Bridge named after the first German Emperor William Frederick Louis of Hohenzollern and he is riding a horse.