Zimbabwe 50 Trillion Dollars, AA/2008 Series, P-90, UNC,50 & 100 Trillion Series

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Zimbabwe 50 Trillion Dollars, AA/2008 Series, P-90,unc,50 & 100 Trillion Series

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The 50 trillion banknote features the famous Kariba Dam that is formed by the Zambezi river basin and creates Lake Kariba. The word Kariba is derived from Kariva, meaning trap, and refers to the local Tonga legend of the Zambezi river God Nyaminyami that would “trap” canoes in the river and submerge them. Today, the Kariba dam splits its hydroelectric power between the north Zambia power plant and the south Zimbabwe power plant.

To the right is the largest living land mammal on the planet, the African bush elephant. Seen reaching for some leaves on the banknote, these creatures diets rely solely on the native plants. Their trunks are very versatile and are strong enough to knock down objects or gentle enough to pick up tiny plants.