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You might have heard of a 10 Dollar Bill but what about a 10 Billion Dollar Banknote? Surprised? Yes, the Zimbabwe issued a banknote of this denomination a few years ago. This bill is among other rare bills that not many places and people have seen. It was released in limited numbers and was abandoned later on to stabilize the economy that was facing the worst hyperinflation. 

Novelty buyers and banknote collectors find this bill to be a hot commodity. They are always looking for something unique and alluring to add to their collection. This note is one they won’t find anywhere else. 

Zimbabwe was in a state of high inflation, misery, distress, and disarray. The predecessors of the previous government were in a dilemma on how to prevent the economic meltdown and save the currency from devaluing. To achieve their goals, they launched banknotes of the highest denomination. But the move backfired, and got them into more trouble. Lack of confidence in their legal tender got Zimbabwe in a state of hyperinflation..

Like other notes of similar numbers, this one is attractive and alluring. This larger in size note is neat, crisp, with sharp borders and pointy edges. An excellent quality bill created for use, but was later discontinued. It has pictures of the Balancing Rocks in Harare on one side, and a dam miner on the other side.

This legal tender is no longer a part of the Zimbabwean currency as it was effectively abandoned in 2009. It can’t buy you a Popsicle since it’s not even worth $5.00 American bucks! Still, for the collectors, the banknote holds significant value. 

You would love having this banknote as a part of your collectibles. Holding this bill will make you feel like a billionaire, even though it won't actually make you one.