10 Million


You're probably fond of collecting elusive bills, and your collection won’t be complete without the 10 Million Dollar Banknote. This Zimbabwe currency is amongst the highest denominations to be produced on a note, ever. This rare currency was printed in limited amount and is now hard to find across the globe. You’ll need to make some efforts to get one of these ‘babies’ in your rare bill collection, but you've come to the right place!

In the 2000s, the agriculture sector in Zimbabwe collapsed, causing a significant economic setback. Inflation rose drastically, skyrocketing to almost 231 million percent on an annual basis. Havoc erupted, and people started leaving the country.  In an attempt to save the country's economy, the government printed high ranges of denominations which caused even more trouble for the country. Zimbabwe’s currency may have devalued in the country back then, but now these banknotes are worth more as collectibles around the world.

This attractive looking bill is one of the rarer banknotes that is much larger in size compared to similar other notes. It is crisp when held in one’s hand. The original sheen and design make it even more fascinating. 

The 10 Million Dollar Banknote will certainly not buy you 10 million candy bars, or even one for that matter, but surely it will be a great addition to your collection of rare banknotes. Not every person will be fortunate enough to have a dollar bill with such high numbers. You can make your entire collecting experience worth your while by adding this unique banknote to your favorite collection.