100 Million


Are you a novelty buyer who likes to collect rare bills and coins? If yes, then you’re in for a treat. You might have the oldest coins and banknotes in your collection of all sorts of denominations, but they won’t be as high as the 100 Million Dollar bill Zimbabwe issued a few years back. This banknote is a special one!

The Zimbabwean economy was in jeopardy, and the country was facing some serious economic troubles. There was chaos everywhere due to the collapse of the country's agricultural sector. As a result of this crisis, people were escaping to foreign lands. During this tumultuous time, the government issued the highest ranging denominations ever in their history. They hoped this would save the economy, but their actions proved otherwise and caused hyperinflation. As a result, people began carrying more cash in their bags than they would groceries. 

With the prevalent hyperinflation, the banknote was deserted, and the outside world jumped at the devalued currency like a piece of candy. They knew that one day it would be worth more than money, and now it is.  

This bill is one of the rarer banknotes in the line of million dollar bills issued by Zimbabwe. This attractive looking bill while small in monetary value is quite large and made from high-quality material. The surface is smooth and neat without any debris. With sharp edges and a vibrant look, this banknote is certainly one you don't want to miss out on. 

This banknote won’t be able to give you many worldly possessions but what would you do with all that? If you’re a buyer of rare and unique items, you don’t want to buy other stuff from it. You collect for pleasure, and this is the perfect addition to your collection.