20 Billion / 10 Products


It’s not easy being a millionaire in today’s world, let alone a billionaire. Inflation has skyrocketed to the moon making it difficult for many around the world to earn a decent living. But, if you can't have a billion dollars in your pocket, who says you can’t be made to feel like one? Grab a 20 Billion Dollar Banknote issued by Zimbabwe a few years ago and consider yourself a billionaire. Though you won’t be one for real, there’s absolutely no restriction on feeling like one. You'll be on top of the world! 

Inflation in the country caused the government and central bank to unveil new banknotes of the highest denomination which caused hyperinflation. The bills became worthless soon after being distributed to the mass public. After these notes went into circulation, people physically carried more money than other items, including groceries. It was becoming impossible for everyone to live decently under such circumstances, so the officials abandoned the note in the hopes of making room for more economic stability. 

With cool calm colors and attractive pictures, the currency is appealing in its unique way. It has a smooth, crisp surface and is of the finest quality material. The banknote is relatively large in size, but that does not detract from its appeal. Holding the note in one’s hand can make one feel on top of the world. If one bill makes you feel this way, what would be the experience and feeling of holding a whole bunch of these notes?  

This banknote is a great addition to any collection for note collectors and novelty buyers and is the perfect memento for people interested in showing off a unique item. Even more so, this bill is a great conversation starter and can encourage people to talk about the dire straits of Zimbabwe's economy, how these highly denominated banknotes came into play, and the impact they had on the country as a whole. BanknoteWorld is the place for you to own a part of history.