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You may not be a millionaire, but you can surely feel like one with a 200 Million Dollar Zimbabwe banknote. This rare bill, with a denomination this high speaks for itself. By collecting this note, you will feel like you own a fortune and finding these special banknotes is an experience of a lifetime.

This note represents the tyranny and failure of the Zimbabwean regime when the country's economy was in bad shape. The government wanted to stabilize the financial sectors of the country, but by releasing bills with such high denominations, they only devalued the currency even more. 

A developing country, Zimbabwe has reduced value for its legal tender but in the outside world, the currency is sought out for more than its monetary value. So it comes as no surprise that foreign countries are heavily investing in this banknote.

This note is very light in both feel and look. A smooth texture and subtle colors result in an attractive dollar. The original sheen, the larger in size note and excellent quality material makes this banknote a beautiful choice to have as a collectible in your rare collection of high-end and rare banknotes. 

Very few people around the world have seen or even heard of such a high ranging banknote. With your purchase, you could be one of the lucky ones to get your hands on this exclusive yet popular banknote. Grab a bill today and feel on top of the world. BanknoteWorld is the place for a collector like yourself.