5 Billion


Not a billionaire? You can still achieve your dream of becoming one. Trade your green dollars for a currency that may not have a high monetary value but is still an invaluable billion dollar bill for collectors like yourself. This Zimbabwe’s 5 Billion Dollar banknote was issued just a few years back and soon discontinued by Zimbabwe officials.

There's always a risk when creating excess credit or money. Zimbabwe illustrated this example quite well by issuing bills of the highest denomination trying to make their way out of the reckless spending of the previous government and the agriculture sector's collapse. As a result of issuing these bills, Zimbabwe faced the worst inflation ever. Even worse, issuing million and billion dollar bills resulted in a significant hyperinflation. Ultimately, the government abandoned the high denominated bills with hopes of stabilizing the economy.

The 5 billion dollar bill is a highly admired note. It’s a large sized bill that is fun to hold and impressive to show off. This crisp, clean and exciting note gives one the adrenaline rush and makes you feel like you're holding a new bill. Due to its high denomination, this banknote is among one of the rarer notes.

Interestingly, even though it has a whole bunch of zeroes, this billion dollar bill won’t be able to buy you an ice cream cone. Monetarily, it's worth close to nothing, but it's definitely a great item to add to your rare collection. You won’t find many people near you who’d say they have a 5 Billion Dollar banknote. So get your 5 Billion Dollar Zimbabwe banknote exclusively on BanknoteWorld and feel like a billionaire.