50 Billion


If you are a collector of banknotes, then don’t miss out on the opportunity of adding a 50 Billion Dollar Zimbabwe currency to your collection. You could collect the currency of the entire world, and that still won’t sum up to this number. Bills like these are hard to find, especially because they were issued for a limited time and were discontinued due to severe economic tensions in the country.

Many things were going wrong at the same time in Zimbabwe. There was an economic collapse in the country which caused severe inflation, and as a result, the central bank issued highest ranking banknotes that caused hyperinflation. All faith was lost in the hyperinflated currency. Eventually, it was decided to discontinue the currency and abandon the already issued ones.  

This Zimbabwe banknote is as cool as you would expect. This colorful bill has an image of the Balancing Rocks in Harare on one side and of a Modern Building and an Old Fort ruins on the other side and can be folded in various ways depending on preference. The note is neat, clean, without any debris. It sharp on the edges, crisp, smooth surface and the material is of good quality. 

You won’t be able to buy 50 billion items with this bill, but you can make yourself a part of the billionaire community with this note.

Even though economically the banknote is considered worthless and cannot buy an ice cream cone, it's a meaningful item and makes a great collectible. There aren’t many people who will get to witness a banknote with such a high number but with this 50 billion dollar Zimbabwe banknote, and you can be one of the lucky ones actually to own one. BanknoteWorld is the perfect place for you to find that perfect memento for your collection.