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The escudo was reintroduced in 1958 as Portugal unified the currencies of its colonies. More escudo coins were introduced: the silver 10- and 20-escudo, the bronze 50 centavos and 1 escudo, and the cupro-nickel 2 ½ escudos. 

Angola gained independence in 1975. It used the escudo until 1977, when it was replaced by the kwanza. The kwanza is subdivided into 100 lwei. The first kwanza coins bore the date of independence and were made of cupro-nickel. They came in denominations of 50 lwei, 1 kwanza, 2 kwanza, 5 kwanza, 10 kwanza, and 20 kwanza. 

Due to inflation, the kwanza underwent two revaluations: the novo kwanza and the kwanza reajustado. The novo kwanza coins came in denominations of 50 kwanzas and 100 kwanzas. Meanwhile, there were no coins issued in kwanza reajustado. 

In 1999, the kwanza reajustado was replaced by the second kwanza at a rate of 1,000,000 to 1. The second kwanza is subdivided into 100 centimos. Coins were also reintroduced. 

The first series of coins featured the coat of arms and value. The denominations were 10 centimos, 50 centimos, 1 kwanza, 2 kwanzas, and 5 kwanzas. The first series of coins lost their legal tender status in 2015.

The second series of kwanza coins came in denominations of 50 centimos, 1 kwanza, 5 kwanzas, 10 kwanzas, 20 kwanzas, 50 kwanzas, and 100 kwanzas. The 20-kwanza coin featured Rainha Njinga. The 50- and 100-kwanza coins were issued to commemorate the 40th anniversary of independence. Meanwhile, the remaining coins featured the coat of arms.

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