On November 20, 2022 Qatar will kick off the highly anticipated 2022 FIFA World Cup. It will run all the way until December 20, 2022. It is held every 4 years and Russia held it in 2018 and Brazil in 2014. FIFA is the most prestigious football association, and its tournament is one of the most viewed sporting events in the world. Read along to learn a little about the host of 2022 FIFA World Cup and to learn if there are any banknotes associated with the event.

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Logo | Source: FIFA / Wikipedia

Background Info On Qatar

The State of Qatar is a country in Western Asia that occupies the Qatar Peninsula. Though it is a small country with a total area of 11,581 square kilometers, it is a high-income economy due to its exportation of liquefied natural gas and oil.

Doha, Qatar Skyline | Source: AS

Due to its wealth, Qatar has hosted many sporting events. It is the first Muslim country in the Arab world to host the FIFA World Cup. It is also set to host the Asian Games twice: in 2006 and in 2030. As such, Qatar has built the Aspire Zone, also known as the Doha Sports City. The Aspire Zone is a sporting complex found in the district of Doha. It was built as an international sports destination in 2003. A year later, the Aspire Academy, an educational center for the development of athletes, was opened. The Aspire Zone includes sporting venues like the Khalifa International Stadium, the Hamad Aquatic Center, and the Aspire Dome, the Aspire Academy, the Aspire Tower, and the Aspetar.

Qatar 10 Riyals Banknote, 2022, P-34a.2, UNC, Folder-Card w COA

The 10 Qatari Riyal note from 2022 features two venues in the Aspire Zone: the Aspire Tower and the Khalifa International Stadium. Its obverse side features traditional geometric patterns, the Qatar flag, Qatari flora, and the entrance gate inside the Qatar State Mosque. Its reverse side features the Khalifa International Stadium, the Torch Tower, and the Sidra Medicine and Education City. The banknote is made out of a hybrid substrate.

Khalifa Intl. Stadium | Source: TimeOutDoha

Did you know that Russia actually made a banknote when they held the World Cup in 2018? Russia released the commemorative 100 Rubles in 2018 banknote to coincide with the 2018 FIFA World Cup which was hosted in Russia. In addition it’s Russia’s first ever polymer banknote. On the obverse is an image of former Russian/Soviet footballer Lev Yashin. In addition to an image of a boy holding a soccer ball, looking up to Yashin. On the reverse is an image of a large soccer ball and also a map of Russia. There is also a QR code that when scanned takes you to the Bank of Russia home page.

Russia 100 Rubles FIFA Commemorative Polymer Banknote| 2018 | Source: Banknote World

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