Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe, bordered on the west by Poland and Slovakia, on the south by Romania and Moldova, on the east by Russia and on the north by Belarus. The first humans to arrive were nomadic hunters and gatherers. At this time, Europe is mostly covered in tundra and grasslands with areas of forests. Read along to learn about the new commemorative Ukraine 20 Hryvnia banknote.

Monument of Independence of Ukraine in front of the Ukrainian flag | Source: AS

Ukraine has been a battleground for centuries, as its borders have been fought over by Russia, Poland and other countries. The country has seen its share of tragedies and triumphs, including the loss of millions of lives during World War II and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Today, Ukraine continues to face challenges as it strives toward becoming a stable democracy with free elections and respect for human rights.

Russia 100 Rubles | 2015 | Ft. Crimea | Source: Banknote World

After Russia took over Crimea in 2014, the world was shocked. Russia claimed that they were protecting Crimean citizens from Ukrainian forces. This led to an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine that has lasted ever since. Both countries claim ownership over this territory. The Ukraine War of 2022 is one of the bloodiest conflicts ever, with hundreds of thousands of casualties and mass destruction of the country. While we may never know exactly who fired the first shot, there’s no question that both sides were willing to do whatever it takes to win this fight.

Ukraine 20 Hryvnia Banknote | 2023 | Commemorative | Source: National Bank of Ukraine

New Ukraine 20 Hryvnia Banknote

On February 23, 2023 the National Bank of Ukraine announced the introduction of a brand new Ukraine 20 Hryvnia banknote. It commemorates 1 year since the beginning of the Ukrainian / Russian War which began on February 24, 2022. The banknote contains shades of blue and yellow same as their flag. In addition, both sides have a vertical orientation. On the obverse side is an image of soldiers raising the Ukrainian flag as well as flags of the US, Canada, UK and EU to symbolize their help in this conflict. In the background there is also a map of Ukraine. On the upper side of the banknote is the national coat of arms as well as text reading:

On 24 February 2022, a new stage of armed aggression against Ukraine began with a full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army. The people’s war for the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine has been going on since 2014. This is also a war for a civilizational choice: Ukraine is defending its place in European civilization, and at the same time fighting for the fundamental values, rights and freedoms that underpin the Western world”.

On the reverse side are images of the Ukrainian flag as well as arms tied with rope to symbolize the suffering of the Ukrainian people. In addition to a crown of thorns and bullet holes. The banknote is legal tender with only a limited amount in circulation. What do you think about this banknote?

Map of Ukraine Battlefront Until March 2023 | Source: Wikipedia

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