The dawn of the Roman Empire traces back to 27 BC when Augustus Caesar proclaimed himself emperor. Well-known for re-establishing and bringing peace and prosperity to the republic of Rome after a century of hostility, Augustus Caesar is regarded to be one of the greatest emperors. During his reign, Augustus implemented social reforms and conquered a number of battles. It was also during his rule that Roman art, architecture, literature, and religion began to boom.   

Statue of Augustus | Source: Wikipedia

The Rise of the Roman Empire 

The highly trained military was one of the main elements that took the Roman Empire to its apex, conquering other nations and expanding its reign to over most of Europe, Asia, and Africa. However, the Roman Empire wasn’t only about gaining power. The era also paved the way for engineering and technology. Being able to construct underground sewage systems and edifices that lasted a long time, Roman engineering was way ahead of time. The Julian calendar as well as safer surgical procedures also come from the Romans.  

Roman Soldiers | Source: Realm of History

The Fall of the Roman Empire 

The downfall of the Roman army was one of the factors that triggered the collapse of the empire. The reinforcement of new laws that prohibit slavery also led to a rising unemployment rate. The spread of Christianity that disallow looking on emperors as a god had threatened the Romans. Furthermore, the short-lived reigns of the emperors, disputes between the emperor and the senate, and corruption were among the reasons that caused the Roman Empire to fall apart. 

Box of 20 Bronze Coins of Ancient Rome | Source: Banknote World

The success and downfall of the Roman Empire are encapsulated into this coin box. This coin collection includes 20 bronze coins from the emperors of Ancient Rome including Gallienus, Aurelian, Probus, Maximianus, and Constantine among others. These coins feature an image of the emperor on the obverse while their reverse are either of military or religious motif.  Another piece of history is on the Italy 1 Lira from 1939. It features a statue of former emperor Augustus Caesar on the reverse side.

Italy 1 Lira | 1939 | Source: Numista

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